2006-12-23......11:24 p.m.......
electrity? unavailable.

i've got a bandage of convenience wrapped tightly around my finger. my hair is saturated with exhaled cigarette. everything is resting on the blade of a sharp knife. our only obligation ends on February 28. then the road opens up without end or definition. any city, every city has a terrible apartment you could call home.

i have been rolling it around in my stomach. i want to take a tent, a sleeping bag, a compass. i want to sleep in the mountains with the gnats and alpacas. climbing over rocks, covered with slippery green, i want to look back and laugh as you duck under a low branch. but we've got too much material keeping us at sea level. we could not pick up a wireless signal with our expensive laptops. electrity? unavailable.

so, for a period of time, until it's time, we spin in the limbo of an uncertain orbit. it's an economy of unknown potential, but on the edge of being hollowed out. detroit, st. louis, flint. eyes filled with the empty dreams of autos. trade secrets. so many contracts we've signed to eachother, but every one with an expiration date. and now we've got our pens. will we write our names?


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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