2002-02-27......3:29 a.m.......
betting on races- losing out on dreams

let me sleep. there's a marathon runner inside my skull dragging my mind round in endless speeding circles all day and all night. leaping over hurdles and madly dashing from one thing to another. this is bearable in the day but at night, when all anyone wants to do is crawl in bed and avoid meeting these ghoulish hours, i am still caught in this race. my eyes are so tired. blur and cross and im so tired. and even when my head finally hits the pillow, dreams of things i cannot touch taunt me awake to find it tear-stained and cold. so keep a light on for the wanderer, and ill tell you a tale about a fool of a girl who couldnt sleep, and couldnt keep her eyes open. now sing in harmony: i am ok


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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