2002-04-17......3:20 p.m.......
people are people too

someitmes, i dont know if i have a logical bone in my entire body. and by that i mean, i wonder if anything i do, plan on doing, or have already done, makes wisesense at all. i need to learn to be careful with people. careful. i forget sometimes that they are just like me... more or less... and not just talking bodies. i think sometimes, we dont realize the fragility of people's emotions, the ease of misinterpretation, and the depth of their hearts. we misjudge then it seems, often to be less than our own.

sometimes its crazy how what you do affects other people. one word can change the course of a person's day/week/and even perhaps, entire life. at least, this is all true to me, the underestimation and all. i think my daily striveandprayer will be "oh God, let me only do right in your eyes, and kindness and goodness in the eyes of others."

i need to go to sleep now, all this retrospect is making me dizzy.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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