2002-09-25......3:49 p.m.......
it's hero time

sometimes i forget that being here at school isnt just some long vacation. i am not here to socialize, i am here to cram as much knowledge as i can into my head and then become an english teacher who brings into bear about 8% of that knowledge.

but it is so like summer camp. you get your tiny little room, you bring your sheets for your bed, you (in my case) live in a building with a bunch of girls, and you are constantly surrounded by your age group. adults are the aliens. they get the sidelong glances. (not saying that we, college friends, are not 'adult' {though that is very questionable}).

ah, but this is no vacation. here, take out an 'a' and toss in an 'o'... what does that spell boys and girls? vOcation. that is why we are here. not to worry about boys or clothes or food that doesnt make par... work.

sometimes i just want to sit in a corner and hide from responsibiliy, it weighs so heavy here. maybe i dont want to grow up so quickly. everyone grows up here. they get married. they make decisions that affect the REST OF THEIR LIVES. this is no pittance, folks, this is what your childhood prepared you for.. and whether you're ready or not, it is right up in your face with a contract concerning your future, asking you to sign NOW NOW NOW on the dotted line.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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