2002-10-07......2:04 a.m.......
ribbons of remembering this

i have a lot of old songs running through my head. i pulled memories of being younger out of my trunk... and i am playing them back to back while i drive. and the voices and smells and sounds and feelings come back from some old graveyard and out the speakers of my corolla. long long winding ribbons, they drape themselves around me and decorate me with anachronism.

all the people i have forgotten. all of them that have forgotten me; i can still hear their voices coming through in those songs. milemarkers to my senior year. bookmarkers in now-passed pages- keeping the story alive. talking. singing. dancing to weezer and singing along. counting down days til we wear the robes. going to bed early because we had class in the morning on weeknights.

i am not dwelling on the past. i just miss some people in it. i miss time with them. i miss seeing them more often than i ever do now.

i think it's sweet of time to wait for me, in whatever small bits it can. it seems i have a hard time catching up. and a hard time pressing eject.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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