2002-11-11......12:01 a.m.......
a small women's poem

and i kissed bittersweet full on the lips
then i laughed and then i spit
you put your arms around my hips
companion dear, with cutting grip

i opened my mouth ever so slight
to keep the butterflies indside
but dancing in this yellow light
the things i say are hard to hide

and twirling to repeated waltz
our two pair feet seem so damn small
for in taking steps they find their faults
in this huge room we dont move at all

in circles swept to familiar phrase
the music moves us with false grace
and under the spell my blue eyes haze
until i can no longer make out your face

and in this darkening yellowing light
your sadsweet words i cant contrive
oh bittersweet, bittersweet,bittersweet sight
reminding me that im alive

i never wanted to know there was such a thing as breathing
nor such a thing as common, a small woman grieving


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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