2003-02-02......12:47 p.m.......
while the sun rose over my pale skin

my head is full and draining. my neck wont turn from too much sleeping. i have been sleeping life away. when i walk around, i am dreaming, and when i dream, i am lying. i am too tired to open my eyes, the sun is too bright and familiar faces leer in front of my closed eyelids.

but i feel myself stir, and flutter, and one yellow ray of morning burns itself into my vision, ripping away that sweet, sleepy darkness. i cant close them again now, the seal has been broken and my dreaming has fallen away, again. the day is brighter and harsher than before, but i realise that i belong there. i cant close my eyes to it, though it burns me bare and open when reflecting off of your eyes. did i think i could really hide behind small shadows and smiles forever? i suppose that's what kept me dreaming. but i couldnt dream you away.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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