2003-07-19......1:15 a.m.......
i know the feeling

the man in the moon screamed all the way home. i saw him, i saw the fear on his face. he doesnt want to be blotted out by that black shadow. it was late, he was huge and all sunken low in the sky. he kept ahead of me all the way down Burton st., but i couldnt see anything but slivers through branches until we finally broke out into the open at Breton. that waxing curtain and waning moon. nobody wants to disappear, nobody wants to fade. we all want to burn bright until the end when we're taken sweetly away. no one wants to be replaced by, no one wants to go, but in the end we all are spent and in the ground were lost and cold. i turned right, he stayed on course, but i knew he'd be out there, all night, and i know the feeling.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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