2004-02-19......10:19 a.m.......
if it's planned right

and everything i have i have spread out upon the table
like a woman at a bazaar plying her trade
excepting the exception that my handiwork is flawed
and in all my years ive never quite made (enough)

well you're moving like the ocean moves eating at the beach
and your stretching out your arms for something more
and it's frightening to see such change and uncertainty
to these legs firmly planted on the shore

and words and a pretty face cant hold you
all my words and a pretty face cant hold you

im reasonably convinced that ive never loved before you
or at least ive never loved to this degree
but ive also been convinced in each moment i adore you
you could break my heart so easily

but fear and balancing wont keep you
no, fear and balancing wont keep you close to me

oh, words and a pretty face dressed
cautiously in stolen grace
cant keep you, wont hold you
but i'll love you hard anyway because joy can be worth agony
if it's planned right. if it's planned right.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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