2004-05-06......10:16 a.m.......
and that night!

we spent some days and nights mostly together
in the hottest of the sticky july weather
but the affection didnt make it through the summer
and we moved on down the line to other lovers

and that time we went down south to see your brother
it was a miracle how wine went down like water
and how easily secrets were passed under the table
our hands whispered the words our mouths weren't able to

and that night!

we proved ourselves so lovely
we proved and proved again
and against the sky the moon passed by
and the morning came and found us side by side

now im gonna go to sleep, im gonna go soon
and conveniently forget ive ever known you
because it's an empty space where lost and lonely lips meet
and it's a tired drum the rythm that our hips beat.

(track one- from a CD yet untitled- coming end of summer)


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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