2004-09-28......7:40 p.m.......
watching your proximity

it's not uncommon, nor unexpected, i knew by some graceless premonition. my penance for crimes i did not commit with as much poise as a loosed boulder tumbles through the front door.

waitress, please, another drink.oh, look how interesting the table top is.. now we're singing and toasting and im calling the rounds.

do you want to switch seats? no thanks. she's spent enough time behind my back

the small and smoke-filled room is lit up by candle light. im working hard on blurring the details. the stark detail that's now looking this way and trying to be surreptitious about pointing me out to her friends.

look happy, look pretty, look better

you walk in those same front doors. i carefully watch all proximities and am relieved when you choose mine. my base nature sets about marking my territory. my rational mind realises my insecurity. our lips kiss.

please stay

the working capacity, the music level, the clouds of smoke, my tab, rise. another battle lost for all parties. another party lost for a battle.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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