2002-10-31......now now now......
embrace like a battle ax

and the sweetness will not be concerned with me.

i always promised i would never hurt anyone like i had been hurt. and i guess i proved myself a terrific liar. i never meant to cause pain. i wanted only smiles and loveletters and other small happinesses. but, again, i failed to take down the barbed wire, and i cut someone to shreds. and then i watched him bleed.

i tried to throw myself in front of the slice for a long time, but it never worked because we were on different sides. he not seeing mine and i not seeing his. an impossibility really. to be here, on this side, you have to have been cut before. deeply. well, now who knows. i think i did a pretty acute job of it. all that's left is to fall apart, construct the fence and turn and rot to bitter.

if i could say one thing for him to believe, i would say that i am sorry. i hope this isnt a prophecy


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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