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10.31.02 kristinhank

Sad and Simple Poetry

Contact: guestbook, emailÖ(5/5)

Errors: none that I could find.(5/5)

Navigation: to the left underneath menu (10/10)

Updates: for the most part, usually every day with a day or two skipped on occasion but with multiples on some days. (15/15)

Layout Design: A nice design by C Design. I really like this one actually. Itís very well done. I love grays, blacks, and whites. Theyíre my favorite. It all goes very nicely together. I would have made the scrollbar a little bit more pretty instead of a plain one though. Overall, I think itís a nice layout. It annoys me a little bit that sometimes the first word of the entry is up by the image when I think it should all be below it, but itís just a minor detail. (18/20)

Content: Your entries are very interesting. You usually use correct grammar, but you usually donít capitalize anything. I have to take off a bit for that. Itís easy to read, and I didnít find it boring. I also saw that you wrote out some verses. Poetry, lyrics, and quotes are always a plus in my book. You also use a lot of emotion. So much emotion that I could relate too.. I found myself thinking of the times that I used to feel that way.. I really enjoyed it. I liked reading what you had to say, so I thought it was quite good. (32/35)

Would I come back? probably (4/5)

Bonus: not too many. Links & AIM.. you could use some extra bonus stuff.(2/5)

Total Points: 91/100

Reviewed by:Cara


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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