2003-03-10......10:33 a.m.......
hope for me

so, today i call the studio and talk to john faber about when i am coming in to record. for those of you who arent aware, i have been chosen to be a part of the artists CD that my college puts out every year. that means, i get 2 hours in a local recording studio to put down a minor masterpiece. and, it MUST be a minor masterpiece.

all last night i dreamt about it and came up with amazing strings parts and moving timpani and tambourine beats, but this morning, i am in a creative panic. i have to go in tommorow, most likely, and lay down a track with about 14 tracks in the short span of two hours, which means i have to write it and learn it today. which is no easy task. at least i have the lyrics though. still, i am nervous. being a perfectionist can be good and bad, and i am still undecided as to which end of the spectrum it is sitting at in this situation. i will put it up on mp3.com when it is finished, if is gets finished, but for now, hope for me.


...and all sing in harmony, i am ok...

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